Q?  Does Healthy Pet the Mobile Vet make house calls? 
A. Yes, if you are within our service area. Just call or email us for an appointment, and we will see your pet in your home or in our unit right outside your door.

Q? What can I expect at our first visit?

A. We will call you when we are on the way, so you can prepare your pet. You can get your pet into an enclosed space, like a carrier, bathroom or a screened in porch, and we can carry them out to our unit, or you can bring them to us. We do have space so you can stay with your pet during the exam. If you have records or questions, we will discuss them, and do a comprehensive exam. Dr. Smith will take the weight, get vitals, look over your pet from head to toe.

Q? What about payment?

A. We expect full payment at the time of service. We accept cash, check, Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. 

Q?  Why should my pet be examined every year?

A. Yearly exams are important to detect problems early. In most cases, the earlier a condition is caught, the easier it is to treat. Exams are also crucial in preventing the spread of diseases from animal to animal and animal to human.
Q?  Can my pet have surgery done at our home?

A. YES.  Many different surgeries can be performed in the surgery room inside our mobile clinic. Surgeries include spays, neuters, dental procedures, and mass removal.

Q?  Do you offer pet grooming services?

A. No, we are strictly medical.

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